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How to Use iLive

1.How-To Register iLive
2.How-To Update Your Membership Detail and Change your password
3.How-To Manage Your Registered Devices
4.Forgot your password?
5.Forgot your username?
6.changing your promotion


How-To Register iLive

1. Connect to iLive Wifi

2. Register iLive by clicking at Create an account

3.Filling the registration form and click 

(Please enter correct mobile phone number and email address to receive your username & password.)

4. Create a payment by selecting a promotion and your payment method and enter your PIN code (Promotion Code) then click the submit button


5. When your transaction is completed, you will receive a confirmation SMS at you mobile phone.



6.when you click start iLive and you can have survice of iLive immediatly and you can use or get in web servicesas you like by date and time of you promotion.




How-To Update Your Membership Detail and Change your Password

1. Login at the website to update your detail


2. After loggin in you may edit your membership detail such as name, surname and date of birth.

3. Required fields are marked with the icon . After you complete these field, you may click   to finish updating your detail.


How-To Manage Your Registered Devices

1.Login to iliveportal and click at manage your devices

2. The table shows a list of your registered devices (You can register more than one device depending on your selected promotion.)

3.You can click Add for adding mutiple devices .

4.When you click Add, iliveportal will show the MAC address and your devices type, then click for adding devices.

5.after the registration is completed , the website displays the list of your registed devices.

6.To delete, you can tick the checkboxes at the end of your device list, then click at the delete botton to delete.

7.If the device is successfully removed, there will be a confirmation message and the selected device will disappear.




Forgot your password?


1.Click : Forgot password


2.Fill in your Email address and click Submit.


3.go to your email and open your email. You will get the message in your email as picture. It will show the token is and URL you click URL the system will be open to confirm your account as the picture. And Fill in user name and token as you got from your email so click Submit to confirm.

5.The system will show the form and you have the new password as the picture. And fill in the new password and click Submit.

6.Click in Submit and system will get in your account and you can use your account as usual


Forgot your username?

1.Click as Forgot your user name

2.Fill in your email and click submit

3.Go to your email and you will get message in your email as the picture. It will show User name and URL and click URL.

4.When you click URL the system will be open LOG IN . Please fill inYour email and your password and click Login . you will use it as usual.




changing your promotion

1.Please Login for getting in and click menu

2.choose promotion as you want and fill in your the TOT Prepaid code at your space code PIN and click Submit for pay your service in your promotion changing

3.When you pay the system will show message to confirm after that. Click Start iLive for your service immediately.

4.Getting in system and click your tool list (In case of you want to change promotion that you used your toll less than the old one.)

5.Choose tool as you want to delete by make sign behind your tool as you want to delete and click delete.

6.When you finish your delete you can change your promotion as number2 and 3 and you can use it immediately by click Start iLive as No 3

*Notice: From No4 in the case of you want to change your promotion that used tool less your old one. You have to delete your old tool as you register to get tool as number of promotion setting. (If you don’t delete it will not change your promotion are use less.)

1.Your promotion is 3 device 30 days 199 Baht but you want to change that to 1 device 1 day 49 Baht you have to delete tool as the new promotion amount.)

2.your old promotion is 3 device 30 days 199 Baht but you want to change that to 3 device 3 days 199 Baht you have not to delete that so you can change it immediately.





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